Öland - Here you can visit the ruined castle Borgholm or the childrens favourite, Ölands zoo and amusement park.

Tingsryd - Tingsryd is the closest larger community with department stores such as famous Börjes. Also located in Tingsryd is Kaskad an "Adventure pool" with lots of activities.

Ryd - Just outside Ryd there is Kyrkömosse. A fascinating car cemetary with old cars from the 1940 until 1960. The cemetary is located in the forrest where the vegetation has taken over. An interresting and unusual excursion.

Kosta, Orrefors, Skruf and Johansfors is only a few of all the glassworks located in the area. On some of them you can even yourself try blow glass. Some of the glassworks arrrange what is called "hyttsill" a nice arrangement including food and entertainment in a friendly atmosphere.